AT Newsletter Volume 9, March 2021

by Jim Meyers
I am sure not everyone is going to agree that “Oh, What a Night” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons was a great song…but, I’m fairly certain everyone will agree that it’s been ‘Oh, What a Year!’

One year ago, almost to the day, most of us started working from home and that was an enormous change for most of us. You remember increasing internet bandwidth, don’t you? After completing every puzzle we could get our hands on, binge watching everything from Tiger King to Queen’s Gambit, and wearing out a path to the pantry and refrigerator, there is really a ton to reflect on.

The last time I traveled by air was to the 2020 ASAE Great Ideas Conference. I will never forget seeing so many attendees on their cellphones all pretty much saying, ‘What do we do? What does the contract say? Is Force Majeure applicable?’ There were many different conversations, but the look on faces was all the same – uncertainty.

As I boarded the plane to go home, wondering when I would travel again, I watched a woman reel out a catcher’s mitt sized handful of Lysol wipes and scrubbed her tray table, seat, and arm rests.  That, as we all know now, would be the standard procedure with everything from grocery carts to our own door handles, faucets, etc.

As an organization that provides managed IT services, we quickly realized that our clients had been provided the technical roadmap to navigate the shift to work from home. Laptops, Office 365, Dropbox for Business, hosting services, and accessibility to cloud applications allowed our clients to have some sense of confidence as the migration from office building to home office became a reality…and quickly. Helping guide our clients in this very uncertain time was something we all have looked back on with a sense of pride. It was small snippets of hope and a ‘we’ll get through this together’ attitude that buoyed our positive attitudes pushing forward.

OK, I am not going to quote statistics… of course I am...  With 120 million cases of COVID and 2.7 million deaths worldwide, I for one, continue to look for hope and ways to stay positive. I have been a part of a coffee chat, every morning since April 4, 2020 – shout out to Nicole Araujo for organizing - with some brilliant minds made up of association leaders, vendors, partners, and facilitators. I not only look forward to this daily gathering, but I always leave the Zoom ‘squares’ in a positive, more informed way.

Our association clients have had to change the way they do many things. Communicating with members, vendors, and the board has changed.  The way meetings and events are conducted has probably been one of the biggest changes and one that has required organizations to not simply dump everything into a virtual meeting platform, but to change the way they are sharing content and education, and how networking and exhibiting is handled. We have seen so many great examples of our clients of providing superior meeting experiences during this pandemic – hats off to you for embracing that hope and providing the member experience that was needed!

I end with my hope, and that is to see you all again very soon with handshakes, hugs, and/or high fives. Stay positive, healthy, and keep the hope alive. 
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