Data Governance

Does your organization collect a lot of data? Does your organization have a plan in place to oversee the usage, management and security of that data? Is your data well documented and easily accessible to staff? If the answer was no to any of these questions, AT can help you create a data governance structure in your organization.

Data Governance is defined as the planning, oversight, and control over the management of data and the use of data and data-related sources. We help associations incorporate this into their organization. We typically start the process with our Data Governance Starter Package. This package was designed to build the foundation of a Data Governance practice within an organization. The package includes:

  • Initial Governance Structure Setup and Documentation
  • Data Dictionary Templates
  • A business process review (BPR) of an organization’s membership
  • Setup of a Data Governance Site
  • An integrations review (focused on the organizations AMS) and map
  • Project Plan for Continuing the Data Governance Process
  • Presentation and training for key staff

After the starter project, AT can continue helping your organization build up their Data Governance practice by actively managing the process or by assuming the role of advisor.