Cloud Services

AT utilizes the cloud instead of onsite servers for many reasons:

  • Consistent monthly cost (no costly problems or failures)
  • Availability for staff to work security anywhere, anytime
  • No server replacements every 3-5 years

If your organization still has servers onsite, contact us to discuss how the cloud can simplify your life and your budget.     


Office 365

Office 365 needs no introduction: it is the nucleus of modern business, providing email, Office licensing and Teams in the cloud and for a consistent monthly price, but AT takes Office 365 further, to replace the servers in your office and provide security enforcement and management of workstation, wherever they reside. Office 365 can also replace your phone system. AT not only manages our customers' Office 365 deployments, we expand the functionality with additional by integrating Office 365 into other platforms.

Microsoft Teams

Fully remote and Hybrid working environments are here to stay. Microsoft Teams is included with Office 365 and provides one central collaboration tool for your organization. Teams requires a great deal of responsibility to organize communication effectively. AT’s proven strategy can get your staff up and running on Teams quickly and efficiently. If you are working with Teams and need guidance to maximize the effectiveness of Teams, we can help with that too.


Microsoft Active Directory changed the way IT departments managed computers 20 years ago. Intune is just as transformational today, allowing the same powerful computer management capabilities but now those capabilities extend beyond the corporate office to computers all over the world. Intune streamlines machine deployment, to accelerate setup of new machines to your staff and ensures they are correct every time.


Dropbox for Business

Modern businesses have staff working from all over the country, if not the world. The one server that businesses have struggled to move to the cloud is the file server, housing the crucial shared drive. DropBox for Business build on top of the DropBox consumer product to replicate the simplicity of network drives in the cloud. Replacing your file server has never been easier. DropBox for Business also includes powerful sharing and collaboration tools for working with outside vendors and volunteer committees. Self-service file recovery allows your team to recover files accidentally deleted or overwritten in minutes, and DropBox backs-up critical data on staff laptops, to minimize the interruption caused by a workstation failure.