AT Virtualizer

Are you using Zoom or GoToMeeting for your virtual events?  AT Virtualizer integrates iMIS with EITHER platform.  
Features & Benefits: 

  • Up and running within hours with no effort on your part 
  • Integrates with multiple platforms – currently Zoom Webinars/Meetings and GoToWebinars/Meetings 
  • Setup the event in iMIS (as usual) and Virtualizer’s superpower creates the event in the platform of your choice 
  • iMIS registrations/cancellations real-time update the Zoom or GoTo registrations 
  • Data is written back to iMIS providing simplified customer service for your association staff 
  • Hosted by Association Technologies eliminating the need for upgrading 


AT Tracker

AT Tracker gives you all the information you need to determine if your emails from iMIS are successfully delivered. For an integration that provides delivery details on your iMIS marketing emails, like dues notices and process automation jobs, that run through the Mailgun server – you need AT Tracker!

Features & Benefits:

  • Monitors email flow between iMIS -> Mailgun -> Members
  • iMIS activity records are generated for each email item sent
  • Activity records will display updated status of the email’s journey to the recipient
  • AT Tracker traces the sent email from iMIS and reports the success or failure of the delivery

Coming soon:

  • Dashboard view
    • Failure management
    • Communication log
    • Success/failure statistics