Business Intelligence

Most associations collect large quantities of data about their members and customers. This data often resides in their AMS but can also be found in a multitude of other sources including website platforms, learning management systems, fulfillment systems and many others. But not all organizations leverage this data to improve their business and serve their members. Does your association fall into this category? AT can help you begin your journey down the path of business intelligence.

Business intelligence is the process of turning data into actionable insights. Our experienced consultants can help you start to leverage the data you are gathering. It may be as simple as better utilizing the tools that you currently use to track your data. It may start with more accurate and consistent reporting from your AMS and other systems.

However, to truly leverage your data AT can help you implement Acumen by Association Analytics. Acumen, a cloud-based data analytics platform built exclusively for associations. Hundreds of pre-built integrations into the most commonly used association tech systems make it the industry’s go-to analytics choice. With Acumen, associations get a single source of truth for your data with a full 360-degree view of your members’ activity. AT is a trusted partner with Association Analytics and our consultants work closely with their team to help associations build a data culture.