AT Newsletter Volume 5, November 2020


The Metals Service Center Institute’s (MSCI) goal is to meet their constituency’s needs for knowledge and thought leadership, provide data and education for operational efficiency, and create a marketplace for efficient transactions, debate, discussion, and learning. The “No Face-to-Face-Meetings” restriction due to COVID escalated MSCI’s decision to transition the delivery of content to a virtual platform by implementing AT Virtualizer.                        


Who is MSCI?

More than 100 years strong, MSCI is a not-for-profit trade association that supports and represents the broadest representation of the industrial metals industry. Because its primary membership consists of metals service centers—businesses that inventory and distribute metals for industrial customers and perform first stage processing—MSCI is ideally situated to identify and respond to the networking, educational, public policy, and research needs of the entire metals community, and not just a narrow portion of it. MSCI has worked with Association Technologies (AT) for 20 years as trusted partners in achieving MSCI’s goals efficiently and effectively with the ever-changing needs and requirements.



When presented with “No Face-to-Face-Meetings” restriction, MSCI outlined challenges that must be handled as a part of the solution. The ultimate solution needed to:


• Allow for multiple content delivery platforms

     o Multiple corporate zoom accounts

     o Webinars & Meetings

     o Zoom and/or GoToMeeting

• Automate the connection between iMIS and the webinar content delivery systems

• Eliminate duplicate work

• Reduce the manual data entry and therefore reduce errors

• Allow members to use a familiar registration system, iMIS

• Ensure non-members could not register for specific events

• Keep iMIS as the “single source of truth” with all critical data points residing in iMIS

• Be easy to use


Working together, MSCI & AT evaluated all existing platform integrations with iMIS to solve their challenges. AT Virtualizer came to the rescue and delivered against all the challenges:

• Allows for multiple platforms and multiple corporate accounts giving MSCI the ability to choose the delivery platform

• iMIS continues to manage the event setup, registrations, and holds the virtual registration data

• Automatic two-way communication between platforms

• Hands-off implementation for MSCI

According to MSCI end users, the implementation of AT Virtualizer was “fast, smooth and quite easy.” In fact, AT Virtualizer has “allowed MSCI to speed up their process of delivering content and relieved us of a lot of manual key entry.” MSCI has been, “most impressed with their productivity gains, having webinar data automatically connected to iMIS and the ease of use”. They plan to “use it as often as possible and to imagine other uses as they gain experience with it and think creatively about how it can help in the future.” In just a few months, MSCI has already leveraged AT Virtualizer to deliver more than 36 webinars and 4,200 registrations.

For more information on AT Virtualizer and how it can work to help your association meet your ever changing event needs, reach out to Jim Meyers, VP, Business Development and Partnerships atjmeyers@assctech.comor 630.293.4900 x122.