AT Newsletter Volume 4, October 2020

During the recent Virtual NiUG (National iMIS User Group) Conference, the important topic of data integrity came up.  Can you rely on the integrity of your data when you are making important decisions?  Dashboards and IQAs are great, but they are only as reliable as the data behind them.  Who is responsible for making sure that your data is clean and accurate?  Keeping on top of your data is a lot easier when time is devoted to it on a regular basis.

Data Integrity Dashboards can provide valuable insight into your key areas of concern.  The first step is to identify your pain points and organize them by your areas of business.  Do you have issues that plague your events?  Membership?  Dues?  Committees?

Next determine how to best represent them on a dashboard with two goals in mind.  First, get a quick at-a-glance look at what’s going on.  Second, provide the ability to drill down to find the specific problem records and even build in links to the appropriate pages in order to rectify issues quickly.
Jim owes his career (and his eternal happiness) to his wife Cindy, a senior application analyst with AT. The company was was looking for someone to drive new business development so after 16 years in the mortgage industry, Jim took a chance and interviewed for the position. He started his AT career on January 2, 2007 and began drinking from the proverbial fire hose to learn everything about the IT world. Jim's favorite things about AT are: working as a team to procure new clients, coming up with solutions to wow our clients and helping them become clients for life. He enjoys being able to handle all the IT needs for our clients while working with the team to strengthen their security and find solutions that help achieve their organizational missions. Jim and Cindy have two daughters, Alayna (a grad student at Rush University) and Alicia (studying Human Resources at Indiana University). Jim has passed along his love for our clients to Alicia who has done internships with two of our clients (HR Source and Zonta). In his free time Jim is the pitcher on two competitive softball teams and enjoys playing golf, running and weight lifting.  

And now a few questions to get to know a little more about Jim: 

People would be surprised to know:
Starting when he was twelve and continuing until he turned eighteen, Jim showed steers and heifers in 4H. 

If he wasn't working at AT he would be:  
A high school teacher and coach, Jim really enjoyed coaching his daughters in soccer and softball.
Favorite place he has traveled to:  
Jim loves Europe and especially enjoyed Italy.  He went once with Cindy to see where her grandfather grew up and a second time with the whole family.  That trip helped Alayna solidify her plan to study abroad in London.  Another favorite would be the trip to London and Belgium to visit Alayna when she was studying abroad.  
Final fun fact:
Jim and Cindy started dating in high school at Waubonsie Valley when Cindy was a sophomore and were married shortly after graduating college together at North Central.  Jim and Cindy's dog Brandi is also a honorary AT staff member and is even featured on the AT website.   

Photos (L to R): cherished family time tailgating at IU, Jim showing off his pitching skills and the family vacation in Europe
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Introducing Integration Station
We have developed and packaged a set of cloud based tools to improve customer service and staff efficiency collectively called Integration Station.

AT Authorizer - a simple industry standard single sign-on integration that leverages the iMIS credentialing across platforms making iMIS the driver for authenticating with your third party systems
AT Virtualizer - effortlessly takes your iMIS events and creates meetings or webinars in both Zoom and GoToMeeting, eliminating duplicate data entry
AT Recognizer - takes your incoming calls from the 3CX VOIP system and automatically opens iMIS with corresponding member record, making your customer service team efficient wherever they work
AT Tracker - an integration that provides delivery details on your iMIS marketing efforts by monitoring email flow between iMIS, Mailgun, and your members

To find out more about our new Integration Station, contact Jim Meyers ( or your application consultant.