AT Newsletter Volume 11, May 2021

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We are beholden to our clients and we prove it

Who we are:

Crestwood is passionately focused on the success of your business through implementing the best ERP and CRM technologies along with supporting services such as cloud hosting, business intelligence, Power Platform, and Microsoft Office products. Drawing on our twenty-plus years of experience in the ERP and CRM sector, Crestwood understands fully that identifying the right technology – although essential – does not alone ensure success. Flawless implementation is crucial as well. It is our unmatched dedication to achieving 100% success for our clients that truly sets Crestwood apart from the competition.  We strive to do this through methods of deployments to match your style. 

How do we achieve success?
Our experienced, innovative specialists partner with you to understand your business, the way your team learns, and deliver a solution that’s both right-sized to current needs and future-ready for change and growth. Sure, we are experts with the system, but it’s the user adoption that makes a new system successful.  We work side-by-side with you, every step of the way.  We do not just implement a system and hand it over (unless you request that!).  We teach you as we go, with tools to accommodate for all learning scenarios.  So, whether you learn better on your own, or need a more traditional approach, we will create the right implementation plan to ensure your success. 
From start to finish, your personalized deployment process designed to elevate the work you do rather than interrupt it. Because experience has taught us that in the pursuit of success, you have no time for downtime.

Contact Crestwood Associates LLC
1501 E Woodfield Road, Suite 113E
Schaumburg, IL 60173

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