AT Newsletter Volume 26, September 2022

Conference Recap by Cindy Meyers
I had the opportunity to attend NiUG’s  2022 Discovery Day Conference and ASI’s iNNOVATIONS Conference back-to-back in Arlington, VA a couple of weeks ago.  It was three days packed with learning and I walked away with lots of knowledge and very motivated for what’s coming next in iMIS, specifically iMIS EMS, aka, iMIS Cloud.

The conferences really underscored the fact that iMIS EMS is not just giving you the staff site and taking away the desktop.  There are a lot of new and exciting features that really support the needs of not-for-profits and cater directly to their unique business model.

The new and robust form-building feature, updated Bootstrap offerings, enhanced IQA capabilities that allow more linking and drill-down capabilities and more sophisticated filtering, simplified refunds and other financial transactions, ACH payment option, painless upgrades and so much more all sent the message that ASI understands the association world and is truly software that was built by association experts for association experts.

And, beyond that, partners are making it easier and more efficient to use industry tailored add-ons that do some pretty amazing things as well.

What does your road to iMIS EMS look like?

What new features of iMIS EMS will most benefit your organization?

How do you prepare to move to the Cloud?

What tools might make your work so much easier and more efficient?

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