AT Newsletter Volume 24, July 2022

Tech Tricks To Make Your Life Easier
Everyone loves a life hack, we've assembled this list of tech tricks and shortcuts that may save you time and simplify your tech life
  1. Reopen a Closed Browser Tab - When you accidentally close the wrong tab simply press Ctrl+Shift+T on your PC or Command+Shift+T on your Mac to automatically reopen the tab you just closed.
  2. Crop a Screenshot -  To avoid capturing more of the screen than you need (which could be a security threat): in Windows, click the Windows icon, type snip, open the Snipping Tool.  On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5 and a rectangle will pop up. Both tricks will allow you to select as much of your screen as you want to share.    
  3. Avoiding upside down USBs  - Why is it that you have a 50/50 chance of putting the USB in the right way but the majority of the time you try it the wrong way first?  Take a look at any USB and you will see a symbol, simply insert it with the symbol facing up (or towards you for a vertical port) and you will get it right every time.
  4. Find Websites Like a Pro - A Google search can produce zillions of results. If you are looking for a website type Site: and then the website you want to get find (ie: Site:pets) and it will list just websites. 
  5. Use Your Voice On Your Laptop - Most people use the voice to text option on their phones but did you know you can use it on your laptop using Google Docs? Enable the voice typing from the tools menu in Google Docs and voila you can dictate just about anything. 
Enhancing an Education Program Through Microlearning in a Mobile App
by Bethany Mills, Mosaic Mobile

Like many associations, the Society for Surgical Oncology (SSO) was looking for a way to increase the outreach of their members’ education. Their members, cancer surgeons, are required to continually educate themselves on the most up-to-date methods and procedures, providing the best care for their patients while staying certified. SSO has made it their mission to “inspire members and spur each cancer surgeon to grow, improve and thrive." So, the question became how does SSO provide additional education options that run continually and meet members wherever they are? The answer was in a newer concept in the education world: microlearning through their mobile app.

SSO worked with mosaic apps to develop a new module for their mosaic 365 app that allowed them to provide an efficient but impactful education opportunity on a weekly basis to members. Through the Question of the Week module, SSO was able to test members’ knowledge, help them study for certifying exams and keep them current with clinical information.

How did it work? mosaic apps used the already existing survey functionality in the app to create this new Question of the Week module. The module lists different surveys that each have a set number of questions and a final end date. Each survey can be limited to specific target group (i.e., members), but the module also allows for users to sign up to be enrolled in the microlearning opportunity. Once signed up, the user can see all questions that became available prior to the individual’s sign-up date.

Each week a new question is added to the module. A question has multiple choice answers with the rationale and references to be available for a one-year time period with a new question available each week. Questions and answers may have references such as images, graphs and/or videos as part of the question, answer or rationale. Individuals are not able to download images, graphs and videos, but are able to enlarge them. 

The result? Users can learn complex topics/details through small daily sessions. Microlearning allows users to consume content quickly and easily and using a mobile app as the application means it can be done at the office, at home or even in between. 

In phase two of this project, SSO and mosaic apps will be adding in the functionality to track the Question of the Week module for certification credit and writing all activity back into iMIS. Check back with us next time for the results!

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