AT Newsletter Volume 23, June 2022

Beware of the Latest Cyber Threat
No, you don't really have a new voicemail. Criminals are now targeting people with "vishing" campaigns where supposed links to a voicemail dupe victims into revealing credentials for Microsoft Office software and Outlook email accounts.  This isn't a new scam but has been spotlighted as a growing threat due to it's recent resurgence. Attackers send an email with a notification of a voicemail that prompts them to open an HTML attachment. These attachments don't raise a red flag to the user since this is how legitimate Office notifications are sent and oftentimes the "from" fields in the email are crafted to align with the users company name. The attack even uses a CAPTCHA test (where users confirm they are human by clicking photos in a grid that contain a certain object or typing a word that appears in distorted text). Once the CAPTCHA test is completed the user is redirected to the phishing page where the user is prompted to enter their Office 365 credentials. Since these sites may look very similar to the typical Office 365 log in the user feels comfortable entering their credentials and once the hackers have the users credentials they can use them for all sorts of nefarious activities.
AT protects our clients using the latest cyber security tools and threat protection but you can protect yourself against cyber criminals by being aware of the current threats and exercising care before clicking on attachments or entering credentials. Be vigilant in checking the url and the from address in emails to protect yourself from potential hackers. As always, we are here to help. If you ever have any concerns our technicians are just a phone call away.