AT Newsletter Volume 22, May 2022

Maximizing Laptop Battery Life
Regardless of the laptop brand, model or build, the life of the laptop battery life is dependent on the behavior of the end user.  Factors such charging habits, under charging or over charging and power surges can dramatically affect the battery life.  

Keeping the charger plugged in after the laptop is fully charged is one of the most common causes of shortened battery life. Doing this can overcharge and put extra strain on the system.  In order to get the most life out of your battery be sure to unplug when it reaches 100% charge and let the battery drain to nearly empty before plugging it in again.  Plugging in the charger too soon will shorten the battery life over time.  

Another common issue is failure to protect the laptop from power surges which could damage the battery.  Always plug into a surge protector to avoid potential power surges. Other less common issues are: damaging the battery with water damage from spills and damaging the charging port due to improperly plugging in the cable or using the wrong charging cable.

The majority of battery issues can be prevented by the end user so be sure to recognize these potential pitfalls and prevent them for a better overall experience with your system.
Email Access From Anywhere
When someone gets a new phone they don’t always think to reach out to IT. We have discussed coordinating with IT to update the authentication apps, but there is something else to consider: email. Every phone comes with a built-in application for syncing corporate email, contacts and calendars. Each of these apps works differently, so you should decide whether you want to use the built-in app or Microsoft’s Outlook mobile app. All of the different email apps have unique features and sometimes unique bugs. Using the Outlook app will provide the most similar experience to using Outlook on your computer. Additionally, if you have trouble and need some assistance from us, the Outlook app is the app AT is most familiar with. If you are having trouble with corporate email/calendar/contact syncing to your phone, you should try installing the Outlook app as your first troubleshooting step. If accessing your email account through the Outlook app does not resolve your problem our technicians are always available to assist. Simply send an email to and one of our delightful techs will reach out to help you.