AT Newsletter Volume 44, April 2024

Keeping Your Technology Roadmap on Track
Maintaining your tech plan is key to ensuring your tech projects align with your business goals. 
Top Tips:
  1. Stay Updated: Make sure to review and update your tech plan regularly to match any changes in what you are aiming for.
  2. Talk it Out: Get everyone involved to share their thoughts and make sure to be on the same page.
  3. Set Priorities: Decide which projects are most important and make a clear plan for what comes first.
  4. Keep an Eye on Progress: Watch how things are going and fix any issues as soon as they pop up.
  5. Stay Flexible: Be ready to change things up if needed, whether it's new tech or a different direction for your goals.
  6. Keep Talking: Make sure you're all sharing updates and any problems that arise.
  7. Write it Down: Keep track of everything decided, so you can look back later and stay consistent.
Following these tips will help keep your tech plan aligned with your organization's goals.
Feel free to contact us if you're interested in collaborating with our team to develop a technology roadmap tailored to your needs. We're here to help you navigate the journey towards achieving your technological goals. 
Are you datably responsible: exploring permission-based sending models
Compliance isn’t easy, particularly when it dictates an overhaul in thinking. So it’s understandable that adherence to new policies takes time. With that said, today’s compliance and privacy issues are moving at light speed. It’s no longer a ‘nice have’ to give your audiences some arm room. It’s a must. Google and Yahoo's (just to name a couple) new email authentication, unsubscribe, and spam policies are testament to this. And they're not the outliers. They're merely the pioneers. Soon providers across the board will institute customer-mindful consent and deliverability practices. 
Associations continue to make moves to respect their members’ dance space when it comes to emails. Most of our clients have dimmed down the mass blasts and have truly started effectively incorporating tailored, targeted messages to their constituents.
But there’s still so much more that can—and should—be done from a compliance and privacy perspective. Let’s take a look at leading practices in compliance and consent. 
What is email compliance? 
This is an easy one. It’s your org’s way of adhering to regulatory standards and legal requirements in order to protect the data and privacy of your audiences. In the simplest terms, it’s:
  • Will you go on a date with me? Check Yes or No. 
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How OpenWater Empowers Your Application & Reveuw Programs

If you're running an application and review program, you're likely spending 100s of hours manually tracking down applicants, emailing judges, juggling multiple spreadsheets, and struggling to piece together a cohesive report.
If this is you and your team members, it's time to look at a simplified and streamlined process with the application and review software, OpenWater.
OpenWater does it all as an all-in-one software platform that enables your organization to collect and review any type of application and provide for easy online review processes such as awards, abstracts, grants, fellowships, and more.
Transform your application and review process with OpenWater to:
  • Reduce and Remove Staff Overhead: Consolidate collection, review, and reporting all in one platform that also includes easy to use marketing tools like email automation.
  • Engage Members: Provide your members with a simple, branded application experience that leads to more submissions, higher levels of engagement, and increased revenue. 
  • Simplify the Judging Process: Customize the reviewing process to your exact needs so reviewers can easily log in, view their assignments, and submit their scores
Visit us at to learn what OpenWater can do for you and see why OpenWater is a G2 industry leader.