AT Newsletter Volume 39, October 2023

atCIO Series - How to Create and Maintain a Technology Roadmap
Do you have a technology roadmap?  Most likely your organization has a strategic plan.  How does your technology align with that plan?  Join AT's team for a presentation and panel discussion on how to get started and how to manage your roadmap. Whether you have a plan already or need to start one our team will walk you through our approach to creating and following a technology plan.
Come join us on November 16th at 1:00 PM CT.  
Time for an Upgrade
I finally upgraded...upgraded what you ask? I traded in my iPhone 12 Pro for the latest version in the iPhone series, the 15 Pro. Now I'm sure I disappointed many of our "Android" team members that I stuck with Apple but I'll be honest it is just easier. There are several new changes that I've come to appreciate with both the new iPhone and the latest version of iOS.

Battery life - my old phone definitely didn't hold a charge as well as it had in the past. It is nice to be able to make it through a day without charging the phone a few times. Although I found out afterwards that the 15 Pro has the worst battery life for the entire 15 series!

Action button - I wasn't sure what to think about the new button but now I can say I'm a fan. You can set the button to perform a handful of actions (this replaces the physical mute button). Flashlight, DND, magnifying glass and several others are your current options. However, I see Apple adding more. My current setting - magnifying glass - these eyes are not getting any younger!

Voicemail Transcription (IOS 10) - This may be the most entertaining of the new features. I love the ability the read voicemails. It isn't perfect but so far it has done a pretty good job with the transcription.

Improved Camera and Chip - One the first things I noticed when I started using my new device was the improved speed (especially coming from an older 12). Everything is much faster and smoother. From a specifications standpoint the camera is much better then my older phone. Can I tell by looking at the pics...nope but I'll take their word for it. I have notice zoomed and low light pictures are much better. Here is a pic of Julia and Theo taken with the new phone!