AT Newsletter Volume 1, July 2020

Introducing AT Virtualizer 
We are excited to announce the release of our new suite of products, the AT Integration Station.  These products have been designed to improve staff productivity and customer/member service.  The first product we are releasing is AT Virtualizer.  This product works with several virtual meeting platforms including Zoom and GoMeeting (more to come).  AT Virtualizer makes it easy to setup a new virtual event, link it to your iMIS event and automatically register the user on the virtual platform.  AT Virtualizer doesn't require any software installation and is easy to setup.  It is hosted in Microsoft Azure for secure and reliable performance.  We just recently beta-tested it with two different clients and are now offering to everyone.  For more information contact Jim Meyers or your application consultant.
AT Learning Center
Finally, after much internal work and planning we are releasing our learning center.  This free video library for our clients includes training videos for many of the products we support.  We have approximately twelve videos with many more planned.  

To access the learning center click on the following link: LEARNING CENTER

To login you will need to request a new password by using your Email address.  If you have any problems you can contact Lisa at