Cindy Meyers

Cindy is a seasoned software developer and business analyst with a passion for helping clients streamline their operations and achieve their goals through technology solutions. She has a proven track record of delivering efficient, effective solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

What sets Cindy apart, however, is her ability to truly listen to her clients and understand their processes. By partnering with clients to define processes and identify pain points, Cindy is able to develop tailored solutions that drive results. Her collaborative approach ensures that each solution is designed with the client's needs in mind, resulting in more efficient, effective and cost-saving operations.

As a summa cum laude graduate of North Central College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Cindy has a strong foundation in the technical skills necessary for her work. Cindy joined AT in 2006 and has since become a valued member of the team. When she's not working, she enjoys golfing, traveling and reading as well as challenging herself in Spenga and yoga classes and spending time with her family.