Ben Kalkwarf

Ben is an experienced infrastructure professional who collaborates closely with other teams to ensure seamless operations. His primary skill sets include IT infrastructure, cloud solutions, and IT security. As a key member of our infrastructure team, Ben works with sales to onboard new customers smoothly and provides infrastructure support to the application team for iMIS upgrades, migrations, and integrations.

With over 20 years of IT experience, Ben began his career by replacing computers at the national ELCA Lutheran offices for Y2K, and has been with AT since 2000. He has successfully managed over 200 email migrations, hundreds of server and cloud migrations, and has been a valuable resource on over 100 iMIS migrations. Ben's deep experience with infrastructure, virtualization, security, and SQL Server allows him to tackle complex problems that arise with iMIS 20 and RiSE.

Ben is a critical resource for our team, ensuring that our infrastructure operates at peak efficiency. He is adept at identifying and resolving issues, and his expertise in IT security ensures our systems are secure and compliant with the latest standards. With his collaborative approach and strong technical skills, Ben plays an integral role in ensuring that our customers receive the best service possible.