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Managed Wireless

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Managed Wireless

AT’s Managed WiFi service provides enterprise-class wireless, at a price that small businesses can afford.  The solution integrates security, simplicity, and hardware replacement to provide a total solution that fulfills all your wireless needs.

Centralized Management

AT manages and monitors your wireless equipment remotely.  Problems are logged and can be addressed proactively.  The device configuration is backed-up regularly and firmware is upgraded regularly.  Updates ensure new security enhancements and stability are deployed quickly.


AT secures your wireless network just as a large enterprise would protect their WiFi.  Access to the staff wireless network is integrated with network security and uses the same account credentials supplied to logon to your computer and Outlook.  This eliminates the need to remember another password, and ensures that access to the network is completely terminated when a user leaves the organization.  AT also segregates your wireless network, providing guests access only to the internet, and providing guests with a simple logon screen like they would see at a coffee shop.

Hardware Replacement

AT replaces your wireless access point proactively, on a regular cycle, so you never need to buy another wireless access point.  AT also keeps extra wireless access points in stock, to allow for immediate replacement in the event of equipment failure.

Support and Troubleshooting

Wireless connectivity has become critical to every business.  If there is ever a problem with your wireless network, AT will resolve the problem free of charge.