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Strategic IT Planning

IT Management

In today's business world more and more companies are leveraging multiple IT tools and solutions in order to keep their operations running at peak efficiency. As a result, trade associations, professional associations and nonprofits, even though they lack some of the same operational pressures as their peers, have also adapted. These entities are now investing in tools that can allow them to experience superior levels of communication and efficiency as they work to achieve their own objectives.

Still, due to the speed with which many organizations experienced the transition to IT in the workplace, recent surveys find that business owners in nearly every industry see IT management as one of their biggest concerns going forward. With a wide range of security and privacy threats, reliability issues and the high total cost of operating and maintaining these systems, many organizations don't have the means in-house to devise and implement the IT security solutions and IT strategic planning they require.

For example, many businesses are having trouble keeping the IT management process as efficient and cost-effective as possible. As a result, these organizations could benefit from professional-level services from a top provider such as Association Technologies that can allow them to measure, predict and orchestrate their IT services. With this assistance, those who choose to partner with our experienced consulting professionals can provide their employees, clients and constituents with a wide range of tools while ensuring their IT objectives can help them achieve their wider goals.

The benefits of IT Management from Association Technologies

Whether an organization is pursuing IT for small businesses or IT for non-profits, entities that seek the help of the experienced IT management professionals at Association Technologies can obtain a number of benefits. By gaining the guidance of senior staff members that can work closely with staff members to prepare, recommend and review an organization's technology budget and best determine how current strategies are furthering their goals, organizations of any size can begin working on doing more with less.

With business process review services, IT strategic planning and long-term budgeting from Association Technologies, organizations looking for a Los Angeles, New York or Chicago IT consulting firm can ensure they have the tools to manage their IT, so that they can focus on managing what's important - their clients, customers and constituents.

IT Strategic Planning

By creating measurable, achievable strategies, organizations in any industry can ensure that they are setting goals that further their business' aims without putting the strain on staff members. At Association Technologies, our professionals have the ability to diagnose problems by obtaining a comprehensive overview of an organization's current strategy.

From this point, we begin focusing on the short-term rapid development and targeted strategies, while narrowing down the importance of each change. Through this prioritization process, organizations can best determine the course corrections that will be most valuable and feasible to them as they work to achieve their monthly and yearly goals.

Long-Term Budgeting

“In the past, the use of IT to support the business came almost as an afterthought, long after the business strategy and strategic initiatives for the coming period had been designed and sanctioned by top management.”

"Over time, IT has graduated  from being a support tool to being a business enabling and a business creation tool.” -  Cassio Dreyfuss, research vice president at Gartner

AT guides associations through the IT Budgeting challenges so technology spending becomes an investment in the organization's future.  AT helps you achieve your missions by aligning the IT budget with the organization's strategy, while working with the accounting team to understand IT's role and needs.