Managed Workstations

AT’s Managed Services puts in place many of the IT security systems required for compliance with important standards and regulations; such as PCI-DSS, FTC regulations and N.I.S.T.

In addition, AT’s Managed Services provide continuous monitoring of workstations and active security services designed to resolve conflicts before problems arise. Regular maintenance is scheduled and automated, such as patching. Automated tasks are centrally managed by experienced and certified engineers.

Managed Windows Updates

AT automatically deploys Windows security patches quickly and monitors to ensure the patches install properly.

Non-Microsoft Updates

Updates are critical to maintaining security, which is why AT also updates non-Microsoft applications, such as Adobe products, Dropbox, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

Machine Monitoring & Security

We monitor for predictive hardware failure, low system resources, compliance with security standards, and more. Extend firewall protection outside of the office for traveling users, to protect them from downloading malware or visiting Phishing sites. Multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA) for workstation logon, ensures only authorized staff may access company equipment.

Workstation Inventory & Reporting

We report on utilization, software installations and virus infections for workstations and laptops. AT enforces drive encryption to eliminate liabilities resulting from lost or stolen workstations.


AT monitors anti-virus and security software to instantly respond when an incident arises. Our anti-virus is powered by Webroot - superior protection with minimal performance impact.

Streamlined remote support connectivity

Remote intervention is immediate when needed, so the problem can be resolved ASAP.