Managed Workstations

Round-the-clock monitoring and active security services for laptop and desktop computers

AT’s Managed Workstation service provides round the clock monitoring of workstations and active security services designed for pre-emptive resolutions before problems arise.  Regular maintenance is scheduled and automated, such as patching.  Automated tasks are centrally managed by experienced and certified engineers.  Skilled management of automation is critical.  For instance, some Windows patches break software that many of our clients use, and the process needs to be managed to block those patches.  Responses to common issues that can be scripted are automated to trigger upon detection of the corresponding issue.  All of this adds up to proactive maintenance and responses to potential issues, which minimizes staff productivity and unplanned consulting hours.

 Highlights of Managed Workstations

  • Managed Windows Updates – AT monitors Microsoft’s updates to Windows to approve updates.

  • Non-Microsoft Updates – Updates are critical to maintaining security, which is why AT also updates non-Microsoft applications, such as Adobe products, Mozilla Firefox, and Skype.

  • Machine Monitoring – predictive hardware failure, unauthorized software, low system resources

  • Inventory – workstations and laptop specifications and utilization reporting, software installations, virus infections

  • Anti-Virus – Managed Anti-Virus powered by Webroot, provides superior protection, with minimal performance impact

  • Streamlined remote support connectivity – When remote intervention is needed, our remote connection is immediate, so the problem can be addressed and resolved ASAP.