Managed Network Security

Enterprise level security and management at small business prices.  Leverage the experience of our Microsoft Certified Professionals with multi-layer firewall protection, network switches, wireless access points, and anti-virus protection in your office. 

AT’s Managed Network Security provides complete wired and wireless network service management and monitoring.  As IT security threats evolve, so do the tools required to protect against those threats.  LabTech Remote Management and Monitoring facilitates fast remote support connectivity, monitors computers for errors, and automatically updates them to prevent against security threats.

AT’s managed firewall prevents staff from browsing websites that pose security risks while in the office,   however, when staff travel they lose this protection.  OpenDNS Umbrella - cloud-delivered Network Security for Any Device, Anywhere with Global Threat Intelligence. OpenDNS protects traveling computers by using a software agent on laptops to provide this same level of security when staff are outside of the office.  Inside the office, OpenDNS provides redundancy for this layer of security and a level of protection that prevents users from ever reaching a website that contains a virus.

Highlights of AT’s Managed Network Security

  • Intelligent and constantly up-to-date firewall analyzes traffic to provide comprehensive protection
    • Blocks known virus websites
    • Blocks sites based on up to 60 categories, configured to your needs.  (adult content, hacking, job sites, social media . . . etc)
    • Scans all traffic for known viruses
    • Scans all traffic for programs or websites that act like viruses
  • Extends firewall protection outside of the office for traveling users, to protect them from downloading malware or visiting Phishing sites
  • AT monitors your anti-virus software to instantly respond when an incident arises
  • Network equipment is provided as part of the service and is replaced at no additional cost on a regular lifecycle, or if it should fail.
  • Network and workstation security is monitored remotely and most alerts can be analyzed remotely to ensure your network is secure, without interrupting your staff
  • Network equipment configuration is automatically backed-up on a scheduled basis
  • Network equipment firmware is updated regularly and remotely
  • Wireless network isolation: At creates 3 separate networks to protect your network and workstations from the potential threats posed by guest computers and staff mobile devices.
  • Enterprise wireless equipment: AT uses the same enterprise wireless equipment installed in many hotels and conference centers around the world.  Our equipment can support more users and traffic than store-bought wireless devices.