Managed Cloud Security

AT simplifies the cloud, centralizes management, and enhances security with a suite of products that integrate the cloud with your office network.

Each of these products provide extensive benefits. Below are the main benefits of each of these services.

KnowBe4 Training

The single IT security attack point that cannot be automated is the staff. Staff members will click on links in fraudulent emails, enter their email or credit card on nefarious sites, and find various ways to circumvent all the automated security counter-measures IT can install. KnowBe4 seeks to close this loophole by educating users, and continually testing them.

Cloud Single Sign On (SSO)

Provides multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA) for cloud services logon, ensuring only authorized staff may access company resources in the cloud

Azure AD Identity Services

Azure AD simplifies the implementation of cloud services like Dropbox and Office 365. Azure AD will integrate with your organization’s Microsoft network, allowing your staff to use the same password they use for email, Dropbox, and to log on to their computer and network. This also provides additional security by integrating Dropbox and Office 365 with any of your organization’s network security and password policies. Azure AD also has the ability to track staff mobile devices, as well as locate or wipe lost devices.