About Our Hosting

The Evolution of AT Hosting

  • 2002 – AT has been hosting customer servers since 2002.  Coupled with over 15 years of iMIS hosting experience, we know what it takes to enable your success.
  • AT’s evolution – AT has performed 6 major upgrades to our hosting infrastructure since those first days of hosting.  As technology evolves, we have been able to improve our level of service at a very fast pace.We have done the heavy lifting for you!
  • Microsoft Certified Partner – AT has been a Microsoft Certified Partner over the duration of our hosting business. Maintaining a partnership with Microsoft is critical for ensuring we have access to their resources while part of our partnership is maintaining a certain level of expertise from our staff.
  • Authorized iMIS Solution Partner (AiSP) – AT has been supporting iMIS for 20 years.  As an AiSP, we are required to maintain ASI-certified iMIS experts.  We also have access to the best resources at ASI.

Professional or trade associations, small businesses, or nonprofits can secure a low-cost way that allows them to access the knowledge of a wide range of industry professionals. Our team of certified professionals ensure backups are regularly performed at our facility, software licenses are kept compliant and that our users' data, documents and emails are accessible from any location, no matter where a business, association or trade group's personnel need to be to conduct their responsibilities.

What is your IT evolution, tired of managing evolution, let AT manage with you!


“My company has been using Association Technologies for many years. We have used their web hosting services, database services, cybersecurity and backup services. They have integrated our communications capabilities so that we can quickly and easily take care of contacting and communicating with our customers. We’ve been very satisfied with the service and the technology we get from the Association Technologies’ IT professionals. They’re proactive, they know our business and, honestly, I don’t know how we’d run the business without them.”

Chris Marti    |    Vice President