Application Development and Support

When professional and trade associations, not-for-profits and small businesses chose to pursue professional application development, they often do so with different end goals. However, many of the objectives of these differing organizations remain the same. For instance, a 2011 poll by Corticon, a provider of business management systems, indicated that nearly 90 percent of organizations that adopt applications do so to improve the experience of customers and partners.

In addition, more than 70 percent of all the respondents in the survey indicated that they want to use application development to help them make faster business decisions so that they gain a competitive advantage over others in their industry. A majority of the respondents also noted that they were looking to achieve savings by using these tools either through capital savings or operational savings, which could allow them to recoup costs and increase their bottom line.

However, while trade associations, businesses and nonprofits have similar objectives, they may not know where to turn for a partner that can help them walk through the sometimes complex application development process. As a result, businesses in New York, Chicago and other major metropolitan areas often conduct research to find companies that can offer the flexible and powerful solutions they need.

At Association Technologies, we aim to be the solution that businesses, non-profits and professional and medical associations come to for their network support, disaster recovery and application development and support.

Working with Association Technologies for application development and support

At Association Technologies, our main goal is to provide our clients with custom Web application development, association management software and Web hosting so that they can begin using these systems to achieve tangible results. With an experienced staff at our disposal and the ability to provide IT consultation before we build flexible and powerful solutions, we have the tools to help our clients understand the process and take control of the direction of their software needs.

At Association Technologies we also provide additional services that can be implemented in conjunction with application development, including but not limited to network solutions, hosting options and services, technology audits, hardware and software installations and intranet development and management.

How Association Technologies can build software for any initiative

While some application development companies specialize in one of the standard industry development tools, at Association Technologies, we take a balanced approach, offering our services for software products that can be built on a number of IT platforms. Regardless of whether your company needs tools built with, JavaScript, DHTML, VBScript, C#, SQL Server or SQL Basic, our experienced staff has the ability to create applications that can work in concert with an organization's existing software and processes.

How Association Technologies can assist an organization's long-term needs

With more than 45 years of combined experience in our industry, Association Technologies brings a unique blend of knowledge and technical expertise that enables our clients to obtain the IT services they need to prosper. As such, whether your business operates on a $500,000 or $5 million budget or requires a New York or Chicago IT consultant, we can draft solutions that allow you and your staff to take advantage of cutting edge technology.

In addition, at Association Technologies, we have the ability to create and manage internet sites, connect web sites with membership databases, provide a variety of networking services and select and support association membership database applications, making a partnership with our company one that can provide fruitful benefits for years to come.