Since many professional associations, nonprofits and small businesses are wholly dedicated to serving the interest of industry professionals, clients and the general public, the professionals at these organizations may view IT as a secondary priority when given the dedication they have to their goals. However, while it may not be the biggest concern facing these types of organizations, IT is still a fundamental service that their employees, clients or constituents need to have up and running day in and day out.

But, despite this need, the cost of employing a full-time IT staff can be prohibitive for some organizations. Even still, organizations that can afford this substantial expenditure may not have the in-house experience to know just what type of professionals they need to ensure their internal and external communications are running in a way that encourages maximum efficiency and access.

By opting for hosted IT from Association Technologies, however, professional associations, small businesses and nonprofits can secure a low-cost way that allows them to access the knowledge of a wide range of industry professionals. With small business web hosting, nonprofit web hosting and association web hosting, organizations gain peace of mind, knowing that back ups are regularly performed at our facility, software licenses are kept compliant and that their data, documents and emails are accessible from any location, no matter where a business', associations' or trade groups' personnel need to be to conduct their responsibilities.

Our vision at Association Technologies

With more than 45 years of combined association information experience, Association Technologies has the ability to meet the small business, nonprofit and association web hosting needs of its clients. By providing reduced upfront implementation costs, these organizations save, as they aren't required to purchase, house or maintain the equipment necessary to power their network infrastructure.

However, in addition to email and SharePoint, Association Technologies provides hosted cloud computing, website management, server infrastructure and more. We also offer network solutions - such as technology audits, anti-virus and security - and IT management - like long-term budgeting, strategic IT planning and business processes reviews.

With our wide range of skills Association Technologies can be a valuable partner to any organization, small business or association that is looking to cut costs and continue providing exemplary services.